How to bet on Fun88 Virtual Ice Hockey with 3 easy steps

Discover how to place bets on Fun88 Virtual Ice Hockey Online in 3 steps with 7 basic bet types that will assist you while placing bets. Play now and win cash!!

What is Fun88 Virtual Ice Hockey Online?

Fun88 Virtual Ice Hockey Online    Fun88 Virtual Ice Hockey Bets

The virtual Ice hockey game is a popular contact team sport played on ice in an arena in which two teams of skaters use hockey sticks to earn points by shooting a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent’s goal. It is a fast-paced, physically demanding sport in which each team consists of six players: one goaltender and five skaters who attempt to take the puck and score a goal.

3 simple steps on How to play Virtual Ice Hockey Online

Virtual reality and visual exposure in virtual ice hockey online games have produced the ideal ice field experience in a course where two opposing teams of skaters compete to net the rubber puck into their opponents’ corner. If you are a hockey enthusiast then continue reading on how to make virtual ice hockey betting at Fun88.

Step 1: Enter into your Fun88 account with valid credentials

Fun88-Virtual Ice Hockey 02

  • To play the game, existing players must input their Fun88 login credentials.
  • New gamers must first make an account at Fun88 Register before proceeding.

Step 2: Choose Virtual sports and click Ice hockey from the menu

Fun88-virtual ice hockey 03

  • Click Virtual from the menu bar once you’ve successfully logged in to your profile.
  • Then choose Cricket from the drop-down menu, and live matches will appear on your screen.
  • Start making bets on your favorite team and have fun.

Step 3: Start your Fun88 Virtual Ice Hockey betting journey

Fun88-Virtual Ice Hockey 04

  • The live broadcast will take up the center space, followed by a schedule of upcoming activities below it.
  • Aside from the teams mentioned, you can even place bets on upcoming matches. When you’re ready, simply click on the bet type you want to add to your bet slip.
  • Look to the top right of your screen on your bet slip for the event’s bet type.
  • Then enter in how much you want to bet in the box and click Place Bets.
  • You can even put multiple bets at the same time.
  • You can then watch the virtual sports action on the live channel, and your wager will be settled quickly. It’s that simple!

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7 Crucial Fun88 Virtual Ice Hockey Betting types 

The first step in creating good virtual ice hockey predictions is to thoroughly understand the game’s rules and gameplay. While the game’s rapid pace can be intimidating at first, with enough patience, it’s easy to get used to.

Fun88-Virtual Ice Hockey 05

1. 3-way market

The three-way market eliminates overtime from the equation, leaving you to wager on the final score after three periods. Three-way market betting is the way to go if you want better value, long odds, and greater payouts. But keep in mind that if you bet on a game-winner, you’ll lose your money if they win in overtime or the shootout. Three-way market aren’t always the safest play, but they may be quite profitable.

2. Points Spread

The puck line is similar to the points spread, with the exception that the puck line has a +1.5 or -1.5 puck line, but the bookmakers provide significantly broader margins for scoring in the points spread.

3. First period

The first-period bet does exactly what you expect it to be done, you can place any of the preceding bets, but just the first 20 minutes of the game are counted.

4.  Puck Line

In virtual ice hockey, the puck line is a betting market that is both unique to the sport and a variation on regular betting. In basic terms, when the strength disparity between the favorites and underdogs is too large, a handicap is applied to the favorites and underdogs to level the playing field and make the match more exciting for bettors, allowing them to benefit by betting on the underdog.

5. Goals over/under

A wager is put on whether the total number of goals scored is less than or more than a predefined value established by the bookmaker. In virtual ice hockey, the benchmark set value is 5.5. If you think there will be five or fewer goals scored in a match, you should wager -5.5, and if you think there will be six or more goals scored, you should bet +5.5. 

6. Correct Score

A simple bet in which you anticipate the game’s precise score. However, there are certain differences in virtual ice hockey, such as guessing the exact score during the regulation time or forecasting the score after overtime. Because there are so many possible outcomes, the odds for this market are constantly high.

7. Overtime(Moneyline)

It’s crucial to understand that competitive virtual ice hockey games do not allow for ties. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, it will be decided in overtime. An overtime bet is the most common and straightforward sort of wager in which you anticipate which team will win the game. This market likewise comes in two different varieties. The Match outcome bet allows you to wager on the winner, but only if the win occurs during the standard match period. You would still lose your wager if the team you bet on drew after the standard time intervals but went on to win in extra time.

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Virtual Ice Hockey the well-known sport is now available at Fun88. The best thing about Fun88 is that you can make money by betting on your favorite sports using Android or iOS devices anywhere and anytime. Virtual Sports are an excellent method to bet on your favorite sports without having to wait for the next live event to take place. If you haven’t already done so, open your Fun88 account right now and start betting on your favored Ice Hockey team now!