6 Super Sic bo tricks 2021: Play & boost winning odds by 90%

Want to know how to win sic bo? With 6 super sic bo tricks you can surely improve your winning odds by 90%. Get a 300% cash prize up to ₹1k & happy fun betting!

6 Super Sic bo Tricks for everyone

Sic Bo is one of the most popular and well-known casino games. It distinguishes out because of its simple rules, dice rolls, interesting theme, and numerous betting opportunities. Sic bo is also a pure luck game, which makes it even more appealing to participants. However, there are some tactics that could possibly increase your chances of winning. Continue reading and discover 6 sic bo tricks now!

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1. Even-Money Bets are the best long-term strategy

  • In terms of sic bo tricks, the house edge in Sic-Bo varies from 2.78% to 30%, and there are a variety of bets available.
  • Stick with the easiest even-money wagers if your goal is to leave the live Sic-Bo table with a healthy bankroll and a few dollars more.
  • The odds of winning even-money bets are around 50% (minus the house edge).

2. Discover the Perfect Sic-Bo Odds at a Live Casino Table

  • For live Sic Bo games, different live dealer casinos may offer varying payouts. This is why, before sticking with the first casino you come across, you should look for the best payout odds.
  • For example, one live casino may offer Sic-Bo at odds of 180 to 1, while other casinos may offer it at 150 to 1.
  • This is a significant difference that could result in a substantially lesser reward. It isn’t something to be taken lightly. Fortunately, smaller bets such as the total bet or particular double bet vary only slightly.
  • For example, the specific double may pay 62 to 1 in the best scenario, but only 60 to 1 in the worst situation. Nonetheless, it equates to less money.

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3. Bet on bets that have higher payouts.

  • You now have a better understanding of the various odds, house edges, and payouts in online sic bo as a result of your increased exposure to the game.
  • When you combine your knowledge with a healthy bankroll, you can start betting more on bets with greater rewards, such as the triple bet, which pays when you correctly identify a three-of-a-kind combination like 5-5-5 or 6-6-6.
  • If the outcome is your preferred triple, you might win 180 to 1. Although three-of-a-kind combinations are uncommon, they offer a chance to earn a far larger payment than 1-to-1 winnings. This is the most crucial sic bo tricks for beginners.

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4. Be cautious when it comes to totals bets.

  • For all totals bets, the odds are not the same.
  • For example, betting on totals ranging from 8 to 13 have a house edge of 12.50%, while bets on totals ranging from 7 to 14 have a house edge of 9.70%.
  • So, what’s the next logical step? Of course, it’s wagering on totals ranging from 7 to 14.
  • When playing live Sic-Bo, these will be your best sic bo tricks.

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5. Sic-Bo Betting Systems Do Not Work in Live games

  • Betting systems have never worked and would never work because if they did, everyone would be wealthy and casinos would go out of business.
  • This is true not only for live Sic bo but also for other casino games.
  • They can’t guarantee you’ll make money, but they can assure you of one thing they’ll be mostly worthless. Instead, rely on your instincts and your intellect.

6. Try mixed bets for better results

  • Despite the fact that Sic-Bo is a pure chance game, sic bo tricks are feasible.
  • Betting on Big or Small bets or other 1 to 1 bets is the safest way to play, but it can become tedious and you may not walk away with a tidy sum in your pocket.
  • If you want to win more money, place many bets that include not only even-money bets but also ones that pay more.
  • In this manner, you may use the safer even-money bets to offset any possible losses from the riskier bets.

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Sic Bo, more than any other casino game, is based on luck. Now that you have read the 6 super sic bo tricks, it’s time to implement them and raise your winnings. If you are a newbie and worried about losing money. You can try playing sic bo for free, practice, and then play for real money! Visit Fun88 now and win amazing cash prizes!