9 Fine Fun88 Poker strategy – Newbies can Win ₹1k every hand

Fun88 Poker strategy for newbies as well as pros. Make use of these 9 prime poker strategy and win ₹1000 every hand. Begin your Fun88 poker journey and win big.

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9 powerful Fun88 Poker strategy to hit every hand 

Poker is not a difficult game to learn. Learning the fundamentals of poker and determining the best hands can be accomplished in few minutes. To actually learn poker strategy and make this game profitable, you must first determine what you should be learning at the starting of your journey. Find below the 9 most effective Poker strategy that will help you win ₹1k every hand.

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1. Understand the Poker hand rules and rankings

  • This is, of course, the first step you want to take, and most players understand that. Although learning general poker rules is easy, you should give some time to learning how to rank poker hands.
  • You should not be in the middle of a hand and have to consider whether you are beating a straight with your flush or not, wasting valuable decision time. So always be ready before starting your gameplay.

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2. Learn to read other players’ minds by their moves

  • In poker strategy, it’s all about outsmarting your opponent. This is a relativity game, so keep in mind that how good or bad your hand be, it is entirely dependent on what your opponent has.
  • Consider this scenario: you’ve been dealt pocket kings, a fantastic starting hand, but your opponent has pocket aces. With just a 28% chance of winning, you’re likely to lose. Keep an eye out for your opponent’s ‘poker says’ if you want to figure out what they’re keeping.
  • A pattern, such as wager sizes in online poker will say it all. If you’ve paid close attention to your opponent, you’ll be aware of the patterns they apply as part of their poker strategy. 

3. Learn to be patient and aggressive when needed

  • In terms of poker strategy, being patient and waiting for the right cards will only get you so far. You’ll understand the importance of stimulus at the table as you master the basic online poker strategy.
  • It’s one thing to play cautiously, but beginners always double-check when they should be betting and calling when they should be raising.
  • According to the online poker strategy, high-value opening hands like A-K should be played more aggressively.
  • Aggression means that you don’t offer excuses to bad hands or ask the opponent to pay to stay in the hand. 

4. Follow a Consistent strategy

  • Another critical aspect of being a successful poker player is to use a winning strategy consistently. However, your poker strategy will only be successful if you use it consistently at the poker tables.
  • Every hand and every session are important. Your years of learning, experience, and study have resulted in a body of knowledge that tells you how to play Texas Hold ‘Em.
  • The greatest poker players, those who know how to win at poker, repeatedly use the same winning technique, regardless of how they feel or what their most recent results have been.

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5. Don’t bluff too often

  • Many beginners are aware that bluffing is a part of poker but are unsure how it is done.  Players believe they haven’t won until they’ve attempted a bluff. Bluffs only operate in particular situations and against particular individuals.
  • It’s preferable to never bluff than to bluff “just for the sake of bluffing.” A good bluff will persuade your opponent that you have cards to defeat them, so imagine how your play appears to them. When you’re bluffing, think about the whole hand to see if the story you’re saying makes sense.

6. Know when to fold and when not to

  • The most common mistake that new poker players make is playing far too many hands. You want to play poker when you’re just starting out, and that means staying in hands that aren’t very good just to be a part of the action.
  • However, playing more often does not result in more wins; instead, it usually results in more losses. If you find yourself staying in on half or more of the hands dealt with you, you should raise your starting hand requirements.

7. Always have a reason for your action

  • Big-time winning poker players will occasionally change their regular strategies, but only for obvious reasons.
  • It is acceptable to deviate from your regular strategy if you can provide a well-reasoned argument for why doing so would be more profitable.
  • The phrases like “because I feel like it” or “I am bored” logic must be abandoned.

8. Play only when feeling good

  • At the poker table, emotions are the adversary. Poker should be a pleasurable experience. You’ll work best when you’re happy, so it’s only natural that you should play this mentally demanding game when you’re in good mood.
  • Sure, losing while playing can make you angry or sad, and you can deal with that as well, but don’t make it worse by starting your games while you’re in a bad mood.
  • When we are tired, frustrated, or even intoxicated, we make poor decisions that can cost us a lot of money.
  • Avoid beginning your games when you’re in a bad mood, you can almost certainly save a lot of money by doing so.

9. Raise only when you are sure to win the pot

  • Your aim should be to maximize your benefit if you have the perfect winning hand. For example, Ace-King of spades on a board with three spades and no pair.
  • Suppose you have a strong hand that you are certain will win if the showdown could take place right now.
  • The problem is that if you’ve just seen the flop, you still have two cards to go, and your opponent could draw a flush. So be smart while making decisions.

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Poker strategy will help you learn a lot about poker and also help you avoid simple mistakes. In poker, you will have good days and bad days, but it is critical not to lose heart when things don’t go your way. When it comes to poker tips and tricks, there’s a lot to learn, and only those who learn stay important in today’s game.