Top 8 Online Roulette Tricks & Tips 2021 – 80% Win per spin 

Online Roulette Tricks and Tips for everyone. Learn the odds before placing bets. Apply these top 8 roulette tips to increase your chances of winning. Bet now! 

8 most effective Roulette tricks and tips for everyone

Roulette is one of the most magnificent games played since ancient times. It is a game of spinning wheel with ball swirling within. You place bets on numbers and wait for the ball to stop. Players generally think it is a game of luck and there is no strategy involved. But only a few players know the real roulette tricks that can be applied to win every wheel in roulette. 

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Roulette can be played in many ways to minimize your losses. So if you are unaware of the roulette tricks and tips, then no need to worry. Find below the best 8 roulette tricks to follow to win. The next time you play roulette, begin with the best roulette tricks and tips in mind without relying completely on luck. Are you familiar with the different Roulette Variations? If not have a look now and then come back to study the roulette tricks.

1. Play European roulette – Firstly you must know that there are 3 different variants in roulette. In this online roulette tricks and tips we are focusing on European roulette because it has a house edge of 2.3% which means the return to player rate is around 97.3%.

2. Go for outside bet rather than inside bet – Outside bets are considered the best when compared to inside bets. These types of bets are placed on groups and not just exposed to numbers, for example, odd/even, red/black, dozen bets, column bets, 1-18 or 19-46. Though the winning amount is lower, the chances of winning here are higher. So, if you are playing just for fun, we suggest you adhere to outside bets.

3. Seek for a combination bet – If you wish to try for an inside bet, then go for a combination bet. This type of bet is placed on more than 2 numbers. They are placed on lines of a roulette table. For example, a point that touches 4 different numbers. Combination bets have higher payouts and lesser odds of winning.

4. Start with a smaller bet – Beginners must always follow this strategy no matter what game they are playing. It is because beginners usually do not have much experience of playing and there are chances of losing at first. So it is always better to start less than lose more.

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5. Begin with a free play to study the game – One important thing that numerous roulette players have in common is that they all practice developing their online roulette tricks. We suggest that you don’t just jump into things and become broke without understanding the working of the wheel.

6. Learn the table and its rules – It is necessary to learn the roulette table before you begin your gameplay. Understanding the outcomes before placing money on a bet is a passkey to victory. Each bet is different from the other with unique potency. Traditionally, outside bets will return 1:1, whereas inside bets will return anywhere between 6:1 to 35:1. So study the game rules and table.

7. Watch the roulette wheel – Sadly, this is quite difficult while playing online. This kind of winning roulette strategy includes watching a wheel like a falcon for hours and hours in an attempt to find some kind of hint. Specific numbers may be hitting more frequently than not or perhaps events pop up more regularly.

8. Bet within your boundaries – This guidance is applied to all gamblers playing any games. Money management is essential! You must keep a hold of your budget and bet wisely. Make sure to set betting limits and stop when you touch it.

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Roulette tricks and tips will definitely help you improve your gameplay in many ways. It is a fabulous game to play for either money or fun or both. You may or may not win the game without these roulette tricks, but after reading the above roulette tips you are sure to win more money. Bet now to win now!


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