How to play Fun88 Sic Bo: Guide to boost your winning by 80%

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Fun88 Sic Bo Table    Fun88 Sic Bo Rules

What is Fun88 Sic Bo?

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Sic Bo is a dice game in which players bet on a set of outcomes determined by the roll of three dice. It’s close to craps and roulette in several aspects, but at the end of the day, it’s a game of pure luck. Sicbo is the game for you if you want a casino game where everything is simple and straightforward.

3 easy steps on how to play Sic Bo at Fun88

Fun88 Sic Bo is a very simple casino game. If you are unfamiliar with the table, odds, and payout then you may feel it to be difficult. Follow the 3 steps below to start playing Fun88 Sic Bo.

Step 1: Access your Fun88 account, go to Live Casino & click Sexy Gaming

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  • If you have already registered with Fun88, then you must log in. If not, then you must do Fun88 register to play this game.
  • To receive a first-time deposit bonus, you must make a Fun88 deposit and pick Live Casino after registering/logging into your account.
  • Select Sexy gaming from the drop-down menu.
  • As the final move, click the “Bet Now” button.

Note: Sic Bo is available at Sexy Gaming Provider only.

Step 2: Pick Fun88 Sic Bo from Sexy Gaming with least entry fee of ₹20

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  • A new tab will open once you press the Bet Now button on the Sexy gaming provider’s website.
  • Then you need to select Fun88 Sic Bo from the menu bar of Sexy Gaming.
  • You can pick any table as long as it is open to playing Sicbo with the available live dealer.
  • Click on the table you wish to play, and begin playing.

Step 3: Begin your favorite Fun88 Sic Bo game now

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Are you new to Fun88 Sic Bo online? No worry – Continue reading and you will get to know how to play online sicbo, including the rules and simple gameplay.

 The main goal is to guess which numbers will be rolled at random from a set of three dice. There are several betting options, similar to those used in roulette. You may make large predictions that are more likely to happen but pay less, or small bets that are less likely to happen but pay big.

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3 Rules you need to know while playing Fun88 Sic Bo

  1. Fun88 Sicbo is three dice, each with the numbers 1 to 6.
  2. The player bets on a number or combination that can be rolled before each daily roll. 
  3. They can bet on different areas of the Sicbo table.

Each sector corresponds to a specific form of wager, as detailed below.

Fun88-sicbo 05

Different Betting options available at Fun88 Sic Bo

  • Big and Small bets – If you bet that the sum of the dice would be between 11 and 17. On the other hand, if you place a bet on a number between 4 and 10 to be the sum of the dice. The house edge is 2.8%, and the payout is 1:1.
  • Odd and Even bets – Aside from any triples, if you bet on odd and an overall score is an odd number then you will win. And if bet on even and total score is an even number then you win. The payout is 1:1, with a 2.8% house edge.
  • 3 dice total bet – Players will wager on the sum of the three dice, which comes with a variety of payouts and house edges. Payouts range from 6:1 to 50:1, as seen in the three-dice total below.

Sum on dice

PayoutHouse edge

4 or 17



5 or 1618:1


6 or 15


7 or 14



8 or 13



9 or 12



10 or 116:1


  • Combination bets – When the three dice are finished rolling, you can bet that a 1 – 2, 1 – 3, 1 – 4, 1 – 5, 1 – 6, 2 – 3, 2 – 4, 2 – 5, 2 – 6, 3 – 4, 3 – 5, 3 – 6, 4 – 5, 4 – 6, or 5 – 6 will appear. Your bet is paid out at 5 to 1 if your chosen combination appears. Since the two dice symbols on the betting grid represent dominoes, these bets are also known as domino bets. The house advantage on combination bets is 16.67 percent.
  • Triples bets – This bet, also known as “Alls,” is on a certain number appearing on all three dice. You must stake your money on triple-1, triple-2, and so forth. This pays out 180:1 but has a 16.2% house edge.
  • Doubles bets – A wager on whether or not a certain number would appear twice on the three dice (example: 1-1-2 or 2-2-1). You must stake your money on double-1, double-2, and so on. This pays out 11:1 but has an 11.1% house edge.
  • Single-digit bets – You get to pick how many times a number between 1 and 6 appears in the combination. The payouts range from 1:1 to 1:2 to 1:3. The house edge is 7.9%.

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Fun88 Sic Bo is a wonderful game to play especially for beginners. All you have to do now is learn the basics of Sicbo and start playing at Fun88. So, if you haven’t tried your hand at Sic Bo yet, now is the time to do so. Without wasting much time begin your Fun88 Sic Bo journey!