How to play Fun88 poker IDN 2021 – Cash Rewards up to ₹2000

Fun88 poker IDN is a conventional card game. Texas Hold’em is a popular variant of poker games. Play now and grab a 130% welcome bonus up to ₹2000 for newbies.

Fun88 Poker IDN Poker

What is Fun88 Poker game – IDN poker

Fun88 Poker is a traditional game of cards that is played using a deck of cards. It is one of the famous gambling games which comes in different variations. In the world of Fun88 Poker, Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of Fun88 Poker game. The reason why people choose Texas Hold’em is that it is easy to learn and play. It is a game that needs more skills along with luck.

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Texas Hold’em is one of the most famous variants of the Poker game. A game with lots of fun and money too. It is played most often at casinos and as well as online. The goal of Texas Hold’em is to make a combination of the best five cards poker hand out of seven cards by using your two hole cards and five community cards placed on the table by the dealer.

3 Steps to learn how to play IDN poker online at Fun88

To kick start your journey at IDN poker you need to be familiar with the steps you need to follow to play your favorite fun88 poker game. Below 3 steps will take you to the world of poker online, follow them now.

Step 1: Log in to your Fun88 account and click on poker

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  • Access your Fun88 account with legitimate credentials. If you are a new user, make an account at the Fun88 register.
  • Once you logged in, deposit a minimum of 500 to be qualified to win a welcome bonus for beginners.
  • Then click on the Poker tab from the menu bar. Then select idn poker under that and click on the “PLAY NOW” button.

Step 2: Select Texas Hold’em and pick your preferred IDN poker table

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  • Once you clicked on the play now tab, you will be displayed with different poker games.
  • Select Texas hold’em poker variant.
  • Choose your preferred table to start your poker online game.
  • We recommend you choose a table with big blinds to win a bigger pot.

Step 3: Begin your journey at Fun88 Poker

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How to play Poker game at Fun88

The goal of any gambling game is to win more money and to be at the top of the leader board. The same applies here too. Though it is an easy game, playing the game without knowing how to play a poker game will definitely turn out to be difficult. So if you want to play this game but do not know how to then worry not, continue reading to understand the basic rules of IDN poker.

The game begins in a clockwise direction starting with a dealer whose position is marked as D. To the immediate left of the dealer are two forced bets known as the small blind and big blind. Once the blinds are posted the players are dealt two cards one at a time starting with a small blind position. These two cards are known as “Holecards”. Once the hole cards are dealt the first betting round called preflop begins.

1) PRE-FLOP: The first player to act is the one seated left to big blind. He is called under the gun. If the player wishes to play then they must either

Call: Place the minimum bet.

Raise: Increase the bet amount for the remaining player of that round.

Note: Player can raise only when another player before them has called the bet.

Fold: If a player does not wish to continue in a hand then they can fold.

2) FLOP: After the completion of the first betting round the dealer places 3 community cards on the table. From this round, the action starts with the first player left to the dealer. Another option is added to this round know as check.

Check: Similar to call but no bets are being placed.

Note: A check can be made only when no player before them has called or raised his bet.

3) TURN: In this round, the fourth community card is dealt face-up by the dealer. This card is known as “turn”. Another betting round takes place after this. The players have the same option as of the previous round that is call, raise, fold and check.

4) RIVER: This is the last betting round of a hand in which the dealer reveals the fifth community card known as “river”. Once all the 5 community cards are being dealt face up another betting round occurs. If two or more players remain after the betting then a showdown occurs. If only one player is left and all others have folded then there is no need for a showdown and the player who is left wins the pot.

SHOWDOWN: All the remaining players open their cards. The player’s cards are then compared against each other by the dealer. The one with the best hand gets the pot. And the hand comes to an end and a new hand begins after that.

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Below are few rules of a showdown:

  • The first player to show their hand is the one who bet biggest on the river. All players are free to reveal their hands first at any time.
  • If every player stayed till the river round, then the player nearest to the dealer’s left reveals their hand first, proceeding around the table in a clockwise direction.
  • If the player’s prevailing hand is lower than the leading hand shown, he has the choice to reveal or fold their cards. If two players yield a hand of the same value, then the pot is divided equally.

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Basic rules of Texas hold’em poker online

Reading how to play poker is not enough. Understanding poker rules is a must before playing the Fun88 poker game. Below are the important rules to be noted to play the game.

These are few Fun88 poker rules every beginner must know before playing

  • Blinds: The blinds are the forced bets staked up by the two players left to the dealer.
    1. Small blind (SB): It is the minimum bet placed by the player left to the dealer.
    2. Big blind (BB): It is double the amount of small blind placed by the player left to the small blind.
  • Pot: Pot refers to the sum of money the players wager during the hand.
  • Chips: Chips are small discs that are used to represent denominations while playing.
  • Holecards: Each player is dealt two cards before face down.
  • Community cards: The dealer puts five cards, three at a time, then another, then another which players can use to make a combination of the best five-card Fun88 poker hand
  • Before and after each card is exposed, players can place their bet. To be in the game and see the following cards, every player must put an equal amount of chips in the pot.
  • The player with the best poker hand gets the pot.

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3 important betting limits of Fun88 poker online

  1. No-Limit: In a no-limit game, players can bet any amount of cash they have without any restrictions.
  2. Limit: In limit poker, there are certain restrictions on the amount of bet size.
  3. Pot Limit: In a pot-limit game, players can bet only up to the maximum limit of pot size.

Fun88 Poker Hand Rankings

Whether you are a fresher or an expert who needs a brush up on poker hand rankings, here is a list of Fun88 poker hand rankings starting from highest to lowest. One must know the rankings to take proper decisions while betting.

Fun88-poker 05

1) Royal Flush: The royal flush sits at the top of the Fun88 poker ranking and is one of the rarest among all. When all the five cards are of the same suit and in the sequence ten-to-ace (10, J, Q, K, A) then it’s called a royal flush.

2) Straight Flush: Five cards of the same suit in sequential order other than a royal flush is called straight flush.

3) 4 of a kind: The name itself says. It is when you have 4 cards of the same value.

4) Full House: Whenever you have three cards of the same value along with a pair then it’s called a full house.

5) Flush: Among 4 suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) if you can make a set of 5 cards all belonging to the same suit regardless of order then it’s called a flush.

6) Straight: If you have 5 cards of different suits in sequential order then it’s called a straight.

A-2-3-4-5 is called a Wheel. 10-J-Q-K-A is called Broadway.

7) 3 of a kind: It is when you have three cards of the same value.

  • Set :3 of a kind using two of your hole cards and one from the board.
  • Trips : 3 of a kind using one of your hole cards and two from the board.

8) Two Pairs: When you have two pairs that are two different sets of 2 cards of the same value. The fifth card is called a kicker. A kicker is a decider when a tie occurs.

9) One Pair: When you have only one pair of cards that is two cards of the same value.

10) High Card: If you cannot make any of the above then it comes to high cards. If you have cards like A, 9, 3, K, 6. Here Ace and King are considered high cards.

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Fun88 poker is an interesting game to play during free time. Once you are aware of all the rules and regulations of the game then no one can stop you from playing it. With more practice, you can learn more and eventually win more. All you have to keep in mind is that Fun88 Poker is all about decisions. So think before you place bets.