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Fun88 Dragon Tiger Game    Fun88 Dragon Tiger Rules

What is Fun88 Dragon Tiger Game Online?

Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced action game that appeals to the majority of Asian players. The game is played with a regular 52-card deck, with no jokers or wild cards, and is normally played with 6 to 8 decks in a shoe.

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The player may bet on Dragon or Tiger, and the dealer will deal one card to each hand, with the highest card determining the outcome. The Baccarat betting scheme can be used while playing Dragon Tiger.

3 Simple Steps on How to play Dragon Tiger at Fun88

You don’t need to be a skilled player to play this game for real money. Due to its simplicity and pace of play, Dragon Tiger has become one of the most successful live casino games in the world. Here is a quick guide for you on how to play Fun88 Dragon Tiger. Follow the below steps to play now!

Step 1: Log in with your correct credentials and click on Live Casino

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  • If you are a registered Fun88 user, then you must log in. Otherwise, if you do not have a Fun88 account, you must create a new one at the Fun88 register.
  • Make a Fun88 Deposit after you’ve registered your account to claim a 130% welcome bonus up to ₹2k.
  •  Then on the menu bar of the homepage look for the Live Casino option.
  • Fun88ind recommends a Playtech provider as that is the most popular one at Fun88 Live Casino with the lowest betting entry fee.
  • Then click on the “Bet Now” tab below to continue the process. 

Step 2: Select Fun88 Playtech Dragon Tiger with a min entry of ₹100

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  • A new window or tab will appear once you click on the Bet Now tab of the most renowned Gaming. 
  • Click on the Dragon Tiger from the menu bar of Playtech. Select the dealer that has a minimum entry of ₹100.
  • At Fun88 live casino, Playtech has the most reasonable betting options among other online casino providers.

Step 3: Start playing Fun88 Dragon Tiger and win money

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That’s all, Now you are good to play your favorite Fun88 Dragon Tiger game online. If you are a new layer then continue reading to understand the basic rules and gameplay.

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The main objective of DragonTiger is to predict which of the Dragon and Tiger’s hands will have the highest card. In each game round, two cards are drawn to decide the game’s outcome.

  • Players will be place real money bets. You can bet on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie before the hand is dealt.
  • After that, the player must wait for the live dealer to put the cards on the table, which will be shown face up. 
  • That’s all, the card with the highest value wins the bet.

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For example: 

If you bet on the Tiger and the dealer deals a 6 to the Dragon and an 8 to the Tiger, you’ll win the bet because 8 is worth more than 6. 

Since the aces are low in the game, you will lose half of your bet if no bet is placed on a tie and both cards for the Dragon and Tiger have the same value.

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2 Fundamental Rules of Fun88 Dragon Tiger game

The aim of the game is to see which side of the table has the highest card (Dragon or Tiger) or whether it’s a tie. 

2 basic rules you need to know

  1. Aces are considered as the lowest, the order of cards from lowest to highest is A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K.
  2. If both the Dragon and the Tiger receive the same rank card, the hand is a ‘TIE.’

Fun88 Dragon Tiger Main Bets

  • Dragon – If you bet on a Dragon and if you win then the payout is 1: 1. (payment 96.27% )
  • Tiger – If you bet on a Tiger and if you win then the payout is 1: 1. (payment 96.27% )
  • Tie – Both the Dragon and the Tiger must have the same card value if you bet on a tie. The payoff on a tie bet is typically 8:1. (payment 89.64% )
  • Suit tie – The suited tie bet has the highest reward, but it also has the highest house edge. You’re betting not only on a draw, but also on a suited tie, which means the card value must be the same, as well as the same suit of clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades. If both the Tiger and the Dragon have the card of a 5 of spades, this is an example of a winning-suited tie bet. (payment 86.02% )

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Fun88 Dragon Tiger Side Bets

  • Dragon/Tiger Big bets – If you place a bet on this then you will win if an 8 or higher card is dealt. You will lose if seven or below.
  • Dragon/Tiger Small bets – If you place a bet on this then you will win if an 8 or lesser card is dealt. You will lose if seven or above.
  • Dragon/Tiger Odd bets – If you bet on this then the winning cards must be one of these: A, 3, 5, 9, J, K.
  • Dragon/Tiger Even bet – If you bet on this then the winning cards must be one of these: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q.
  • The number 7 is not considered in the Dragon or Tiger Odd and Even bets and all Odd/Even bets lose if the number 7 appears.
  • The number 7 is not considered in the Dragon or Tiger Big and Small bets and all Big/Small bets lose if the number 7 appears.


Fun88 Dragon Tiger is indeed a fascinating game. It’s a game of pure luck. You can play Live Dragon Tiger online using any device mobile, or laptop. These apps function in the same way as the desktop version of Live Dragon Tiger. Hurry up and start playing to win cash prizes at Fun88 now! 


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