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Fun88 Andar Bahar Casino    Fun88 Andar Bahar Rules

What is Fun88 Andar Bahar game?

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The Andar Bahar game, also known in Tamil as Katti, Mangatha, or Ullae Veliyae, is a popular card game that originated in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The name “Andar Bahar” is derived from two Hindi words meaning “inside” and “outside,” referring to the manner the dealer deals cards. Although the concept of the game makes it highly interesting to play, the main reason for its success is its simplicity.

3 basic steps on How to play Andar Bahar Game

Step 1: Login to your Fun88 account and click Superspade under Live Casino

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  • If you are already a member of Fun88, then you’ll have to log in with valid credentials otherwise, you’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one at Fun88 register.
  • Make a Fun88 Deposit when you’ve registered, then click on Live Casino.
  • Fun88ind suggests you select Superspade, the best provider with a minimum entry fee of ₹250.
  • Then click the “Bet Now” button to proceed.

Step 2: Select Andar Bahar from Superspade with minimum entry fee of ₹250

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  • A new tab will open after clicking the Bet Now button of the most recommended Superspade Gaming. 
  • Then from the menu section of Superspade choose Andar Bahar. 
  • You will find a variety of Andar Bahar tables to pick from, as long as the table is available for play. 
  • Pick the one with the lowest entry fee of ₹250 to begin playing.

Step 3: Start your favorite Fun88 Andar Bahar Game

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When playing Andar Bahar, the outcome is largely determined by luck, with a little smart guesswork thrown in for good measure. The speedy gameplay is played with a single deck of 52 cards. To keep things simple, the game’s odds of winning are 50/50.

  • Players then choose one of two table sides: Andar or Bahar. 
  • The goal is to identify which side an identically numbered card to the chosen card will emerge when the cards are dealt.
  •  It’s just that simple!

Fundamental Andar Bahar Game Rules

  • It is a game played using a 52-card deck.
  • Andar and Bahar are the two main wagers.
  • Players may or may not be able to place side bets on the initial card before it is dealt. Bets can be placed on the first card’s rank or suit.
  • The first card will be dealt with and placed in the middle of the table by the dealer. This card is also known as the “joker”. 
  • This first card isn’t a wild card, and it has nothing to do with the card commonly known as a “joker.” To avoid confusion we can call it a “Middle card”.
  • The player might choose to bet on Andar or Bahar at this moment. 
  • Following the placing of bets, the dealer will deal one card at a time until he receives another card with the same rank as the Middle Card. 
  • The dealer will alternate placing cards on the Middle Card’s left and right sides. In some versions, the dealer begins on the left side of the Middle Card, while in others, he begins on the right side, based on the Middle Card’s color.
  • The round will terminate when any of the betting places receive a card with the same value as the middle one.
  • If you wager on the correct location, Andar or Bahar, you will win and receive your winnings.
  • Else you will lose and the dealer takes all the money.

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Various Bets at Fun88 Andar Bahar Game

Aside from the main Andar and Bahar bet, when you play Andar Bahar at Fun88, you will have the chance to place a variety of fascinating side bets. Take a look!

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Main bets

  • Andar – You can wager that the next same-valued card being dealt on the table’s ‘andar’ section.
  • Bahar – You can wager that the next card dealt on the ‘bahar’ side of the table will be of the same value.

Side bets

1. Color or Suit of the Joker Card

This sidebet is placed before the start of each round and before the joker and any other cards are dealt. It can be placed in 2 ways. 

  • The first sidebet is on the color of the joker (red/black). 
  • The second sidebet is on which suit the joker card will be (Spade/Diamonds/Hearts/Clubs). 

You have the option of placing both sidebets, one sidebet, or none at all.

2. Value of Joker card

This sidebet is put before the start of each round and before any cards are dealt. You wager on the number of joker cards that will be dealt. Three separate number ranges are used to place the bets.

Here are several wagers to consider:

  • 2 to7
  • 8
  • 9 to Ace

3. Number of cards that will be dealt

After the joker card has been dealt, but before any further cards have been dealt, this sidebet is made.

You must guess the number of cards dealt before the winning card comes on Andar or Bahar. That is the card with the same worth as the joker in terms of face value.

You can put bets in the increments listed below:

  • 1 to 5 cards
  • 6 to 10 cards
  • 11 to 15 cards
  • 16 to 25 cards
  • 26 to 30 cards
  • 31 to 35 cards
  • 36 to 40 cards
  • 41 to 51 cards

4. Choose from Andar and Bahar after the Dealing of the First Two Cards

You must predict whether the winning card will appear on Andar or Bahar in this sidebet.

After the joker and the first two cards have been dealt, you can put this sidebet. It’s an optional bet, and you can make the same or a different one as your original bet.

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Terms used in the Andar Bahar Online Game

One of the advantages of playing Andar Bahar is that there is no need to learn or memorize complex vocabulary. It’s a simple game that may be played by people of all ages. There are only two things that players must keep in mind:

  • Andar – The left betting place on the table is referred to as Andar. In Hindi, it signifies “inside.”
  • Bahar – The right betting area on the table is referred to as Bahar. In Hindi, it means “outside.”
  • Joker – The first card dealt and the one that must be matched in order to win

Variations of Andar Bahar Game

Despite the fact that many other resources mention multiple different versions of the game, there are essentially just three:

  • Live Andar Bahar – Play with actual live dealers and other players.
  • Online Andar Bahar – It is a single-player game.
  • Speed Andar Bahar – It is a quicker version of the classic game.

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Fun88 Andar Bahar is loved by many Indian gamers and it has quickly become a popular internet game. Many people like the thrill of playing without spending any money, for free, or with virtual money. With the option to play on mobile devices, it might be a fun way to spend your leisure time. Join Fun88 and keep enjoying!