Fun88 football 2021: How to bet on football & win 200% bonus

Fun88 football best sports game to place bets on. Pick a team of your choice and start betting. Now get a chance to win a 200% sign-up bonus up to ₹5k for a newbie.

What are Fun88 sports betting?

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Fun88 Football India    Fun88 Sports Online

Fun88 has a collection of the best sportsbook betting games online. Discover more than 10,000 sports betting games to place bets. You can find your favored sports with various tournaments. The Fun88 betting platform is compatible with mobile as well as desktop devices. Enjoy your fabulous sports betting journey at the safe and secure Fun88 website.

3 steps to determine how to bet on Fun88 football 

Fun88 has many sports betting games. The most beneficial element of Fun88 sports betting is that you can place bets on current matches and the matches that are scheduled in upcoming days. Find below the stepwise guidelines on how to bet on Fun88 football.

Step 1: Access your Fun88 account and click on the sports

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  • Login to your account if you have already registered at Fun88. Otherwise, you will have to do Fun88 register to create an account at Fun88. 
  • After enrolling yourself at Fun88, you need to deposit an amount of ₹500 to be eligible to claim a welcome bonus at Fun88.  
  • Once you have successfully deposited your amount, you have to click on the “Sports” button from the menu bar.

Step 2: Select your preferred Fun88 football tournament to begin betting 

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  • Once you clicked on the sports tab, you will be displayed with a list of sports betting games with its tournaments under it on the left side of the screen.
  • You can either type your preferred sports name in the search bar or find them by yourself from the list below.
  • Click on football, you will see the list of different countries and various leagues available to place bets.
  • Pick your favorite league to continue your betting process.
  • Now you will be displayed with different teams in the center of your screen. Select your favorite team on which you would like o place bets.

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Step 3: Place your bets on your favored Fun88 football team and win

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  • Once you clicked on your favored football team, you will be displayed with betting options on the right side of your screen.
  • Select your preferred amount of bets to place by clicking on the “+” button or you can enter directly inside the box. You can also observe the amount you will receive if you win the bet.
  • After setting the required amount of bet, click on “Place bets” to confirm your bet. Make sure to recheck your bet amount and the return value before clicking on the place bet tab.

How to get a 200% welcome bonus of up to ₹5k at Fun88 Football?

Newbies can get a chance to claim an exciting 200% welcome bonus of up to ₹5k at Fun88 Sportsbook.

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Initially, you need to make a deposit of ₹500 into your account to be eligible for the offer. Go to the My promotion page under the profile center by clicking on your username, select Sports promotion, and click on “Apply Now” to get the bonus into your wallet.

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Below are the 3 primary types of betting available at Fun88 football

  1. Three-way betting(1×2): In this type of betting there are a total of 3 possible outcomes that means you have 3 choices to place bets on. You can either place a bet on “team 1” or you can choose “x” which means a tie or you can choose “team 2”. That is why it is named three-way betting also represented as 1×2.
  2. Over / Under betting(O/U): In this type of betting, the outcome is decided to depend on the total goals and is independent of the winner of the match. Assume the chances are X. If you choose Over, it means that you will win only if the total goals at the end are greater than X. And if you choose Under, then you will win only if the total number of goals is lesser than X. If the number of the goal is exactly equal to X, then it is considered a tie. The goals here used are the total goals of both teams.
  3. Asian Handicap(HDP): This type of betting includes the odds. Teams with odds will have red letters, But if the handicap value is 0, it always indicates the price. No one can negotiate. For example, 0-0.5 is Primary, 0.5 is a half ball, 0.5 + 1 is a half ball, etc. The choicest approach to see the European Handicap odds is to look for the Decimal. It is even called Decimal Handicap because of the high odds, but simultaneously, the original bet is already included. The estimate of the betting prize is based on the given odds by Fun88 football multiplied by your prospect amount.

4 crucial Fun88 Football betting rules to be read by everyone

  1. Abandoned matches – There are many reasons for a match to get canceled. If matches do not start or end at the described time then the bets you have placed get void.
  2. Postponed matches – Postponed matches are considered void if they are not rescheduled suitably.
  3. Suspended in between – If a game stands suspended before the completion of the match, then all bets of the game are returned unless stated, except for bets on any markets that have been unconditionally determined.
  4. Change of Venue – If the venue of a match is changed, then already placed bets will remain to provide the home team if it is still assigned the same. If the away and home team for a scheduled match are changed, then bets will become void.

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Fun88 football is an excellent sports game to play in your leisure time. Start placing bets to keep winning more and more cash prizes. Also discover many more interesting sports games at Fun88, the best gaming destination in Asia.