Making Fun88 withdrawal – 3 steps & 6 points to avoid errors

Fun88 Withdrawal allows you to withdraw your winning money in multiple ways. Discover here the steps need to withdraw and also learn the mistakes to be avoided.

3 Steps instructions making Fun88 Withdrawal successful in 7 mins

Are you looking for getting your winning money to your bank account? Read further in this article on how to make Fun88 withdrawal to get the same. Following are the 3 step guidelines to understanding the Fun88 withdrawal process.

Fun88 Withdrawal 01    Fun88 Withdrawal 02

WARNING: We recently discovered that some players were breaking Fun88’s terms and conditions by creating several accounts with the same IP address (meaning the same devices). Due to concerns about scamming our system, we do not accept accounts created by the same IP address.  Any accounts with the same IP address will be regarded to violate our terms and conditions. As a result, all funds deposited or played in those accounts will be blocked permanently!

Step 1: Access your Fun88 website to begin the Fun88 withdrawal

Visit the official website of Fun88. Login to your Fun88 account to make a withdrawal request. If you are new to Fun88 then do Fun88 register first else log in and follow the given steps.


  • After login, you need to make a Fun88 deposit if you are a new player and then start playing your favored game.
  • Once you are done playing games, you must click on “Withdraw” to collect your winning prize.
  • You will find withdraw button beside the Transfer button or you can click on your username and under the Profile center click on withdraw.

Step 2: Pick local bank transfer method to process Fun88 Withdrawal

Once you clicked the withdraw tab, you will be redirected to a different page and given the choice to select your preferred withdrawal method.

Fun88-Withdrawal 02

  • Fun88ind recommends you choose the first option, Local bank transfer to make the Fun88 withdrawal as it is easy to transact and money will get transferred directly to your bank account.
  • There are 5 payment methods available to make Fun88 withdrawal.
  1. Local Bank Transfer
  2. Sticpay
  3. Cash on Delivery
  4. Astro pay
  5. Ecopayz

Note: India prefers 1st option of Local Bank Transfer to withdraw money from the Fun88 account wallet as it is the fastest active method and can access directly to your bank account.

Step 3: Set your Fun88 withdrawal password and complete the process

If you are withdrawing for the first time then you will be redirected to the Profile page under Profile Center. So you must click on Withdraw password to set your password.

Fun88-Withdrawal 03

  • Enter your Fun88 login password for security purposes.
  • Then Set a 6-16 digits long Fun88 Withdrawal password and it must be composed of numbers and letters.
  • Retype your withdrawal password to confirm it and click on “Submit”.

Note: You will have to enter the Fun88 Withdrawal password every time you want to withdraw, so kindly make a note of it to avoid any obstacles in the future.

After setting your password successfully, once again click withdraw button. You will be redirected to a new page. Here you need to enter the amount you need to withdraw and the Fun88 withdrawal password.

Fun88-Withdrawal 04

  • Then click on “Add Bank Card”. Once you click on it you will get a pop-up on your screen where you will be asked to enter your bank account details as shown below.
  • Carefully enter all the required details such as Account Name, Bank Name, Account number, IFSC Code, Branch, Address, and Remarks.

Fun88-Withdrawal 05

  • Account name – Your name will get displayed by default. Review if it is correct or not.
  • Bank Name – Select the right bank name from the dropdown box.
  • Account number– Enter your exact bank account number. It must be a minimum of 6 characters in length.
  • IFSC Code – Enter the correct IFSC code. Visit the bank website if you do not know the IFSC code.
  • Branch- Enter your bank account branch name.
  • Address – Enter the address which you provided while creating your bank account.
  • Remarks – This is optional. You can enter the action you are going to perform for self-understanding. (For eg: withdrawing winning amount)

Click on the “Submit” button. Kindly recheck all the details you have entered before clicking on submit. Then click on withdraw to complete the process.

Note: Make sure that your Fun88 account name matches with the Bank account name to make a successful Fun88 Withdrawal.

6 essential pointers to avoid mistakes during Fun88 Withdrawal

Generally, newbies tend to make silly mistakes during Fun88 withdrawal. But this article is not only specific to newbies; even regular customers need to be aware of the fun88 withdrawal problems that can occur during the process. Read the below article to avoid them.

Fun88-Withdrawal 06


  1. Mistyping amount to be withdrawn –Kindly check the amount to be withdrawn before clicking on submit. The fun88 minimum withdrawal amount is ₹1000, so the transaction amount must be between ₹1000 to 200000 and the number of transactions that can be made per day is limited to 10.
  2. Entering the wrong bank account number –One of the common mistakes that we have noticed is that people blunder while entering their account number and then regret it later. So make sure to check your account number twice before submitting information to avoid getting into trouble.
  3. Review your Account name- As mentioned earlier the Fun88 account name and bank account name must be the same. If you provide some other name then the withdrawal will get declined. So you must check or review if you entered your valid account name while making Fun88 withdrawal.
  4. Selecting incorrect bank name – You need to select your bank name correctly from the dropdown box. Choosing an inaccurate bank name may result in an error.
  5. Incorrect IFSC code – These details are very important to make the transaction. If you do not know your bank’s IFSC code then kindly browse it and then fill it. Even a slight mistake will lead to unsuccessful withdrawal.
  6. Unable to recall Fun88 withdrawal password –Lastly, Remembering the password is challenging. But it is very important for security purposes. So make sure you enter the correct password else you will not be able to make Fun88 withdrawal.

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Fun88 Withdrawal is a simple, faster, and hassle-free mode of transaction that one can expect. India prefers bank transfer more than other options, as the money gets transferred directly to their bank account.