How to play Tennis Betting at Fun88 2021: 4 Rules & 13 Bets

Learn how to play Tennis Betting, the most popular gambling sport at Fun88 and win awesome cash prizes. Study the 13 different bets to wager on. Start Betting!

What is tennis betting?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at tennis betting or a complete novice, we’ll walk you through the world of tennis sports betting from beginning to end in this article.

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Fun88ind’s goal is to provide you with knowledge and tactics that will enable you to dominate the sportsbooks and earn some extra cash.

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Fun88ind will guide you through the description of all the different sorts of tennis bets available to you. This knowledge isn’t just for beginners. Even seasoned sports bettors who are well-versed in the game of tennis can benefit from this advice and be able to take their betting to the next level.

3 Easy Steps on How to Play Tennis Betting at Fun88

All Tennis lovers can follow the below steps on how to begin your fun journey at Fun88 Tennis Betting. 

Step 1: Go to the Fun88 website and click sports

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  • Players who have already opened their account on Fun88 can directly log in by entering a valid username and password.
  • New players can visit the Fun88 register to go through the instructions on how to create a new account. 
  • Once logged in successfully, click on the Sports tab from the menu bar.
  • Following that, you must select Fun88 Sports and then click on the “BET NOW” button to begin the gameplay.

Step 2: Choose Tennis and Select your preferred team

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  • Once you clicked on the bet now button, you will be redirected to a new window.
  • You will find a list of various sports available on the left side of the window. 
  • Select Tennis Betting from it and pick your preferred team on which you would like to place a bet.

Step 3: Begin your Fun88 Tennis Betting journey

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  • After choosing your favored team, place your bets by clicking on a particular match or set.
  • Once you have decided on which set to place a bet on, click on it.
  • You will be displayed with a betting slip on the right side of the screen. 
  • Enter the amount you want to place a bet, also notice the return amount that you will receive if you win the bet.
  • Then click on Place bet to confirm your bet.
  • Don’t forget to collect your winnings from Fun88 Withdrawal.

4 Important Tennis Betting Rules to be known by everyone 

  1. Even if a match is postponed and completed at a later date, wagers placed on the match will have action (stand) (24Hr Rule does not apply for Tennis Matchups).
  2. Match bets will stand if the number of sets to be played is changed but set betting will be void.
  3. All bets will stand if the playing surface, venue, or court is changed from outside to inside or vice versa.
  4. If a match begins but is not completed (due to player retirement, disqualification, etc. ), one set must be finished before the money line can be used.

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Various types of Tennis Betting at Fun88

Tennis is one of the most popular spectator sports on the planet. But it isn’t only something that tennis fans like watching. Sports bettors frequently rush to tournaments in the hopes of winning a share of the money wagered on the events. The majority of people are aware that you may wager on who will win a particular match or tennis betting tournament. But there’s a lot more you can bet on, and these other bets offer a lot of wonderful ways to cash in on your tennis predictions and knowledge.

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1. Match Bet

  1. Moneyline – The most popular way to wager on tennis, just like baseball and hockey, is to play the money line, which is another way of stating betting on a player to win the match.
  2. Games spread – A wager on the game or set spread is another option to wager on tennis. Tennis matches frequently feature large odds since single-player sports have less unpredictability than team sports, therefore the spread helps to level the playing field.
  3. Full Time Winner – A better can also place a bet on who is going to win the complete match. If you place a bet on player A and if they win, then you will win the bet.
  4. Correct score – Correct score bets are wagers that can be placed on individual games or sets of games. What’s lovely about them is that they’re simple to comprehend and command a high price since they’re difficult to win. Let’s take a look at a few samples to see what they’re all about and how they work.
  5. Games Handicap – In tennis, handicap betting is similar to betting on the puck line in hockey, the run line in baseball, or any other spread bet in any sport. It allows you to wager on tennis players who you believe will beat their predictions but lose a specific match. It also lets you bet on players that are anticipated to win a game, but you believe they will do it more decisively than many others.
  6. Over/Under – In tennis, the over/under bet is simply a wager on whether the match will be decided in straight sets or will go to extra sets. The beauty of this bet type is that you don’t have to choose a winner. You still win your wager if you bet that the match will end in straight sets and the underdog comes out and wins in straight sets.
  7. Sets spread – Another bet is to use the set spread. Who will win the most sets in a match is the wager. In most cases, the set spread is -1.5, with most tournaments consisting of a best-of-three or best-of-five format.
  8. Total sets – The set total is similar to the game total in that it includes determining whether a game will have more or fewer sets than a certain number. In a best-of-three match, the over/under is normally 2.5, while in a best-of-five match, the over/under is usually 4.5. Consider this component of tennis betting to be when you believe the match will go all the way to the maximum number of sets possible.

2. Set Bet

  1. 1st/2nd Set Winner – If you place a bet on a player A, and if the player wins the respective set then you win the bet.
  2. Total Games 1st set/2nd Set – Here you can bet on whether the point in the game will either be under or over a particular value. You can place a bet on either 1se set or 2nd set or both.
  3. Correct score 1st set/2nd set – You can bet on either player’s score at any point in time. Here too you can place separate bets on the 1st set and 2nd set. The payout for this bet is higher when compared to other bets.

3. Match Special Bet 

  1. Players to win at least 1 set – Here you can bet which team is going to win at least one set in the match.
  2. Any set to finish 6:0 – Depending on the match better can judge if the set will reach a point value of 6:0 or not. You can place a bet on either yes or no. 

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Tennis may not be a popular sport among the general public, but Tennis Betting is extremely popular among gamblers. Sports betting will never be a precise science, no matter how skilled a bettor or tennis expert is because all sporting events are subject to human error. The laws of probability, on the other hand, supervise whether a result is more or less probable to occur.