Fun88 Register in 5 mins – Win 200% welcome bonus up to ₹30k

Go through the given steps to Fun88 register to play amazing games and get a 130-200% welcome bonus up to ₹30k. Below is 3 step guide to register a fun88 account.

3 Easy steps to make Fun88 register – Within 5-6 minutes

You are just 3 steps away from starting your fun journey at Fun88. Read the full article to perform Fun88 register and also get to know about the amazing Fun88 offers that are available at Fun88.

Fun88 Register 01    Fun88 Register 02

WARNING: We recently discovered that some players were breaking Fun88’s terms and conditions by creating several accounts with the same IP address (meaning the same devices). Due to concerns about scamming our system, we do not accept accounts created by the same IP address.  Any accounts with the same IP address will be regarded to violate our terms and conditions. As a result, all funds deposited or played in those accounts will be blocked permanently!

Step 1: Browse the website for the Fun88 register

You need to visit the official fun88 site to start your journey with the fun88 register.


  • You can either browse it or go through different browsers.
  • You will be directed to the homepage, after that click on the “Join Now” button wish is displayed at the top-right corner of your screen. You can also register through Google or Facebook.

Step 2: Fill up the required details for the Fun88 register

This step is mandatory as you will be asked to fill in your personal details required for bank transactions. Refer to the below description to avoid mistakes while registering.


  • Username: You will be identified with this name while playing. Your username must be 4-11 characters composed of only letters and numbers.
  • Password: Provide a unique password of 6-16 characters and must be a combination of letters and numbers. Confirm the password by entering the same password.
  • Full Name: Enter your first and last name. Kindly provide a true name to make bank transactions if you win.
  • Email address: Enter your email address. Provide a working email address as you will receive all the data on it.
  • Phone Number: Enter your working phone number and make sure you are able to receive OTP and other notifications.

Once you filled in the details, click on send OTP button and enter the correct code. And click on “Join Now”.

Step 3: Complete the Fun88 register process by validating


  • After clicking on Join Now, you’ll receive a mail regarding the successful registration of your Fun88 account.
  • To claim your welcome bonus click on “here” as highlighted in the image and else click on “BET NOW” to begin your amazing Fun88 journey.

Top 3 Fun88 Promotions – Win 130-200% bonuses up to ₹30k

Fun88 provides the best 3 promotions for beginners that you can claim after Fun88 registers. Go through the different promotions below and win a 130 to 200% welcome bonus up to ₹30k.



1. Slots bonuses: Win 130% welcome bonus up to ₹30k

Get a chance to win a 130% welcome bonus for new members at Fun88, after completion of the Fun88 register, Win up to ₹30k. And become a part of this fun journey.

2. Live casino bonuses: Get a 130% welcome bonus up to ₹2k

Newcomers can now grab a 130% welcome bonus up to ₹2k after successfully completing the Fun88 register. And enjoy amazing online live casino games.

3. Sportsbook Bonuses: Get a 200% welcome bonus up to ₹5k

Get a chance to win a 200% welcome bonus up to ₹5k on successful completion of the Fun88 register and making a first-time deposit. And it is applicable only for cricket fans.

Get to know more offerings from Fun88 by reading the Fun88 Promotion. Chance to grab 200% welcome bonus up to ₹30k!

6 mistakes to be avoided while making Fun88 register

People are getting so addicted to gambling. The main reason is it’s very easy to access bank accounts online. Newcomers often make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. So to avoid them Fun88 is providing you with a list of mistakes you need to be aware of after Fun88 registers.


1. Choosing the right Casino platform

  • This is one of the most important points to be remembered.
  • There are so many casino sites available on the internet. You need to check the license before selecting it.
  • You can also refer to other player’s reviews. So choose wisely to avoid difficulties in the future.

2. Not reading terms and conditions

  • People generally don’t bother to read terms and conditions and blindly click on “I accept”.
  • The main reason is they are lengthy. Online Casinos have a set of rules and guidelines which tell the user about do’s and don’ts.
  • One must remember that it is very important to read them to avoid any obstacles in the future.

3. Providing fake details while registering

  • Never register with a fake name or address. It is one of the common mistakes that newcomers do.
  • Without registration, it is impossible to play and earn at casinos.
  • If you provide fake information then you may not be able to withdraw cash after winning. That is why it is mandatory to provide true personal details while registering to avoid pitfalls.

4. Playing without prior knowledge of the game and its RTP

  • It is very important to understand the rules to become a master. RTP means return-to-player.
  • Checking RTP is necessary because it tells the probability of winning a game.
  • If a game has a higher RTP then the chance of a player losing his money is less. One must know about the game before playing.

5. Neglecting welcome bonuses

  • Every newbie needs to read this point as it would help you from losing a huge reward.
  • A welcome bonus is something that you get by simply making the first-time deposit. You can use it to play many games too.
  • Even if you lose it would not hurt you much as you are losing something that you got for free. So always remember to claim the welcome bonus.

6. Starting without a planned budget

  • Setting a limit is crucial because it stops one from spending more. This mistake is most commonly done by newbies.
  • With the greed to earn more, they spend more which may lead to a great loss.
  • If you start with a small budget then it may not hurt much even when you lose. So it is important to plan your budget to enjoy your amazing casino journey.

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Fun88 sign-up is quick and easy to do. You just have to provide your details to create your Fun88 account through the Fun88 register. Newbies need to know some rules to avoid mistakes and can get a welcome bonus by following some steps.  If you want to enjoy live casino vibes at home, then Join the Fun88 family and begin your online gambling.