8 best 3 Patti Tricks & Tips 2021 – Earn ₹1000 on every hand

3 Patti is a fun game that needs skill and luck to win the pot. Apply the 8 helpful 3 Patti tricks below and bag ₹1000 pot money on every hand into your wallet.

8 useful 3 Patti Tricks and Tips to win the pot

3 Patti is one of the most favored online games. It is a game of strategy and luck. With luck, you can win the pot but not all the time.

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Fun88 3 Patti Online  Fun88 3 Patti Game

But with good strategy, you are sure to win the pot most of the time. To make this game more exciting and entertaining, go through the following best 3 Patti tricks to win the pot.

1. Study the game

    • Whether you are playing for free or real money, understanding the rules is very essential.
    • Playing without prior knowledge about the game will definitely put you in a confused state.
    • 3 Patti needs more skills, so without knowing the rules it will be difficult to improve your skills. So learn before you earn.

2. Begin with small bets

    • Regardless of what level you are playing, always start with a lower bet. To be in the game for a longer period you need to begin with lesser bets.
    • As the game proceeds, you can decide depending on the situation to either fold or increase your bet. This 3 Patti trick works well for beginners and pros.

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3. Playing Blind

    • 3 Patti allows you to play blind. It means you can bet without looking at your cards.
    • The main advantage of this blind play is that instead of looking at the cards you can now concentrate on other players’ expressions and emotions.
    • By doing so you can easily catch other player’s cards with their move.
    • If your opponent has a weak hand then their chances of folding cards increases which ultimately will increase your chances of winning.

4. Practice free games

    • 3 Patti is definitely not a cakewalk. You need to keep on practicing to master the game.
    • And if you are playing for the first time, then you should begin your journey by playing for free rather than real money.
    • Because with practice you gain experience and with experience, you are sure to improve your gameplay.
    • So always keep in mind that nobody is born perfect, only practice makes them reach that level.

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5. Keep an eye on opponents

    • One important 3 Patti tricks are to always study your opponents regardless of what cards you have in hand.
    • Even after you fold your hand, you must continue observing other player’s moves.
    • This will help you a lot in making decisions for further hands. The more you watch the more you will learn.

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6. Play Expressionless

    • 3 Patti tricks are something that every player reads before starting their journey. You must have read a point that says you need to observe your opponents.
    • Never forget that even your opponents might be watching your moves.
    • So try to keep yourself under control so that others cannot predict your cards.

7. Supervise your bankroll by setting a budget

    • Setting your budget in advance will restrain you from spending more than the limit.
    • After all, you are going to spend your hard-earned money so only as much you can afford to.
    • Never play with the money you borrowed or the money you have saved for future purposes. Gamble responsibly by setting a proper budget.

8. Play with Patience

    • No matter what cards you have in your hand, stay calm and plan your bets. If you have good cards in hand then do not begin with big bets.
    • Because it will alert players with weak cards and make them fold instantly and you’ll miss a good amount of pot.
    • On the other hand, if you have weaker cards, play bluff and confuse your opponents.

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3 Patti tricks will not only help you win the pot but will also teach you different tactics you need to follow while playing. Reading an opponent’s mind, having patience while playing are some strategies that must be used to win the pot. These 3 Patti tricks will definitely help you improve your style of playing the game. If you have gone through the above 3 Patti tricks then you are good to begin your 3 Patti journey.